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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts (BFA)

The Fine Arts Program at the School of Art + Design offers a unique atmosphere in which students can develop their innate inventiveness and natural curiosity into an exciting, diverse and rewarding professional career. The program benefits uniquely from both its location within an institution of technology and its close association with the renowned College of Architecture and Design.

The profound work of the Renaissance artist, Leonardo da Vinci, is the world’s great example of the integration of art, science and technology. Today's artists and designers combine and synthesize the work of many diverse specialized fields in order to engage today's world of science and technology, politics, global markets, and ecology.

The four-year Fine Arts program leads to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.*  The first year curriculum is shared with the three other Art+Design programs - Industrial, Interior and Digital Design. This common curriculum provides a broad design foundation and instills a sense of community among fine arts students and their peers in other design disciplines It includes design and graphics classes with digital media, color theory, art history, and general education courses such as math and English.

Foundation Year Courses

AD 111 Communication in Art+Design:
Traditional Media
3 credits
AD 112 Communication in Art+Design:
Digital Media
3 credits
ARCH 334 Color Theory/Electronic Color 3 credits
AD 161 History of Art & Design I 3 credits
AD 162 History of Art & Design II 3 credits
HUM 101 English Composition:
Reading, Writing, Speaking
3 credits
HUM 102 English Composition:
Writing, Speaking, Thinking
3 credits
MATH 113 Finite Mathematics & Calculus I 4 credits
MATH 114 Finite Mathematics & Calculus II 4 credits
CS 104 Computer Programming & Graphics Problems 2 credits
HIST 213 The Twentieth-Century World 3 credits
PE XXX Physical Education  (selected by the student) 1 credit
Frsh Sem Freshman Seminar 0 credits

During their Foundation Year, students will be exposed to and expected to work in both digital and traditional media. Digital design work will take place in dedicated Digital Media Laboratories, while work in traditional media will take place both in and out of class. Read the list of required tools and materials.

In addition to six semesters of prescribed design studio courses after the foundation year, Fine Arts students will be taking a variety of art theory and criticism courses such as Contemporary Aesthetics and Case Studies in Industrialized Art well as studio electives from a variety of offerings. Students may select design electives from a broad and ever-growing array of options that may include courses like History of Architecture, Architoons, Arts Marketing and Public Relations, History of Games, Video & Animation, etc. The final two years of study are structured to allow students to either broaden their exposure to various media and intellectual explorations or to specialize in particular areas of interest. 

Along with facilities available throughout the campus, Fine Arts students have access to traditional workshops, such as wood and metal, as well as computer-Aided Design and Digital Media Laboratories located in the NJSOA's Weston Hall.

* NJIT intends to apply to the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) for accreditation as a professional degree program granting the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.